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Shanghai Men's World Garments Co., Ltd mainly offer woven jacquard necktie and its fabrics. Apart from that, we also provide other relation menswear products, for example: shirts, scarfs and others.

We have excellent acceptance by our international customers --- our products are received by them exempted from quality inspection. The high quality of our products comes from a seamless combination of superior craftsmanship and advanced automation the industry has to offer.

We produced 150,000 pieces of woven jacquard necktie every month. Our facilities allow all kinds of broad width, different pattern and various warp density variation.

Now we have grown and formed a combined business, the high-class tie is the head and staple product, integrating all kinds of menswear, fabric, clothing and international trade businesses.

We are sincerely hope to cooperate and step with you in the future.

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We started in a high point: from the beginning we have had computer jacquard looms and FCAD system.All these build a leader in this area. Our business relationship more than 10 countries and supplying menswear around the world. We are glad to have an opportunities to enter into business relationship and grow with you in the years to come.

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